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I think I forgot how to blog!

October 28, 2013

Wow. Just wow! Its been over a year since I did a post here, seriously! Not sure where the time has gone, oh wait, could a crazy toddler have something to do with it??? We have had some big changes over the past 3 months. We decided to sell our home, tough decision but it was time. I had wanted to sell for a year or so and finally was able to convince my husband so we put it up for sale just to see what would happen and it sold in 3 days!!! Not really what we expected but its all worked out! Now, after 2 months of living with family, we are under contract on a home that is almost exactly what we wanted. Its a little bigger than our starter home, out of the city, and on over an acre of land! Woohoo! I have big big plans for this house already so here is a little peek into whats in store!


Call me nuts but I already ordered this arrow stencil! The wallpaper was $155 per roll but I found the exact stencil to match for only $22! Can’t wait!




The house has a very southwestern/desert look which is not at all my style so I have had a hard time finding images that I like and that go with the style of the house. These ones are my inspiration! Hopefully we will get to start some projects, just have to make it through the whole home buying process!

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