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Shades of Gray

October 25, 2011

Long ago I decided that once it was time for us to create a nursery it would be gray and yellow. I love that color combination and it works perfectly for either a boy or girl! Here is some of what inspired me.

So then last week I was so excited when we got the room all cleaned out and ready to paint. I went to Lowe’s and got a few paint samples, and then a few more, and then more still!!! I had no idea that picking out the right shade of gray would be so hard but let me tell you it is! Most of them turn out with to much of a blue hue which I didn’t want at all. Then some turn out looking more purple, ugh! In all I went through 8 sample colors!!! So ridiculous! In all my years of painting and decorating I have never sampled more than 2 colors to find the right shade. Dumb!

Here is what all I sampled in order starting from the upper left:

1. Benjamin Moore Moonshine

2. can’t remember, sorry

3. Valspar Urban Sunrise

4. Olympic Silver Spoon

5. Valspar Woodlawn Colonial Gray

6. Behr Natural Gray

7. Valspar Filtered Shade

8. Martha Stewart Heavy Goose

In the end here is what I learned:

1. It sucks to spend over $24 in paint samples.

2. Research blogs to find out what colors you like and then try them first!

3. Always look at the sample cards in the lighting in your house, its always different than at the store!

In the end I choose #1 (which was actually the last sample I tried). About 3 blogs mentioned using Benjamin Moore Gray Horse but it was just a tad to dark for what I wanted so I went with the next lighter shade on that card and had it color matched for Olympic paint (since it has zero VOC’s). Its the perfect gray, no hints of blue or purple. I didn’t try it at first cause on the card it almost looks a tad green so I was hesitant. I should have just trusted all the other fabulous bloggers who had probably gone through the same thing I did before finding this color! So here is the room all done and I could not be happier with the color!

Obviously the room still needs lots of work, here is what the husband gets to do next!

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