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Fort Collins

August 9, 2011

This past week my little blog was completely neglected, I was on a trip for work to Greeley, CO. If you ever plan on going to northern Colorado you can skip Greeley as far as I’m concerned, nothing but strip malls and chain restaurants, blah! One day after work when I was bored I decided to drive over to Fort Collins, which is about 65 miles north of Denver and 48 miles south of Cheyenne, WY. I started off driving to Cheyenne but the drive got boring real quick and I figured there wasn’t really anything amazing to see there so I turned around and went to Fort Collins. It was awesome! After being deprived of anything original for 4 days it was like heaven, historic houses, street side cafes, amazing gardens, and even my personal favorite- Whole Foods!!! I didn’t have a camera with me so here are some looks at Fort Collins that I was able to round up.

Plus check out the amazing view of the Rockies!

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  1. Samantha permalink
    August 11, 2011 9:59 am

    Glad you had fun in CO. We didn’t love Ft Collins much…but it was like swelteringly hot that day and also someone stole my wallet! HAHAHAHA.

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