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Summer Garden

July 25, 2011

Living in Arizona is not the most pleasant thing I can think of doing from about June-September. But unfortunately that is where we live, where we grew up, and where almost all the people we love are, so we remain! One thing I have greatly enjoyed this summer is my garden, somehow there hardy little plants have grown and grown and now are producing amazing fruits and vegetables for us to enjoy. I use Extreme Gardening: How to Grow Organic in the Hostile Desert by Dave Owens as my guide book (even though I am told my uncle who knew him thinks he is an a-hole, but there isn’t much info out there about gardening in AZ so I grab what I can). Anyway, it has been amazing watching there tiny little sprouts grow throughout the past few months. Here is what we have to enjoy now.

Just yesterday we decided the watermelons looked ripe so we nervously cut one open and were thrilled to find it perfect and ready to eat! These are the sweetest watermelons I have ever had, its amazing how good they taste!

The only thing we are waiting on now is our corn, maybe a couple more weeks and it should be ready to enjoy! Then it will be time to plant some pumpkins so they are ready by fall!!!


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