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Friday Favorites

April 15, 2011

Today in yoga class the instructor talked alot about spring cleaning and I realized I have some spring cleaning to do in regards to my photo files. In doing so I found some pictures I have had for quite some time that I just liked or that made me smile but I haven’t done anything with them. So today here are some random pictures that I like and unfortunately have no clue where they came from.

Sometimes I think it would be really cool to open a spice shop and if I did I would want to display spices like this!

This picture is heavenly, I love the cool gray, the soft chairs, the headboard, everything.

I know this picture has been on TONS of design blogs but still no matter when I see it I smile, such a happy room.

Dark swanky looking bar, enough said.

I like this kitchen, it looks comfortable and kinda reminds me of my mom for some reason.

Happy living room, it almost looks like it could be in the same house as the kitchen.

I always like the use of circles in designs. We are surrounded by way to many square objects so circles always look fresh and free.

Last one, I have had this picture forever! Eventually I want to build a desk like this into my office that has the same kind of window. Looks so classic.

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend! I actually have the weekend off so I am planning on lots of yoga, the farmer’s market, looking for my birthday chair, cooking and eating, and going to chuch, and probably then more cooking and eating!

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