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Table Upgrade

April 12, 2011

Close to a year ago I bought this cute little vintage looking coffee table at an antique store by my house. I think I paid around $25 for it and was thrilled because it had taken forever to find a table to work in the space and work within my budget. Its the perfect size and I really like all the little cut out details in the wood and the classic looking nob on the front.

As you can tell from the pictures though it was a little beat up, scratches on the side and water stains on the wood top. For months I kept meaning to clean it up with some paint and wood stain but just never got around to it, until today! I got canceled from work this morning so what better day than today!

To start I sanded the top with an electric sander and fine sandpaper, then brushed the top clean. Next I taped off the wood edge, flipped it over and used spray paint to bring back a nice clean bright white look. I did 2 coats of paint to get a nice smooth finish all around. I forgot to take pictures of the staining process but it was really simple. I used water based wood stain that my husband had leftover from a project, a combination of about 75% dark walnut and 25% red mahogany. Using a old sock I just spread it evenly over the wood top in the same direction as the wood grain and then wiped off any excess. After this dried I put on 3 coats of polyacrylic semi gloss to protect from future water stains and to give it a nice gloss finish. Thats it, only took about 2 hours and it turned out beautifully I think. Oh and I also spray painted the little nob silver.

I get such a kick out of making old sad furniture look new and fresh again, plus that way I never end up with the same stuff a million other people have from Ikea or Pottery Barn! Whats your favorite way to refresh old pieces???

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