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Spa Style

April 7, 2011

For those of you who don’t know next week is Spa Week!!! Loads of different spas all over the country offer spa treatments for $50! Arizona is well known for our amazing spas and also for our amazing weather this time of year so its a perfect combination. Add to that the fact that my birthday is coming up soon and you have a deadly trifecta of goodness! I have been saving my hard earned dollars to go enjoy a spa service every day that I am off next week. At the Willow Stream Spa I am getting a warm embrace body wrap that is normally $180!!! Crazy talk!! To get me in the mood, like that’s really necessary, I’ve got some spa inspired style pictures.

What I think so many women love about going to a spa for the day is the fact that you get to enjoy the perfection of the place without having to do anything to make it that way. Just being able to enjoy the beauty of a place without having to worry about the maintenance and all that junk just feels so good! And an awesome massage doesn’t hurt either!



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