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Front Yard Re Do-FINALLY!!!!

March 23, 2011

If everyone judged a book by its cover our house would be considered the ugliest in the neighborhood! The front of our house was pretty ugly when we bought it 2 years ago but the yard had a nice big mesquite tree and some rocks and bushes, a basic low maintenance yard. Then in October of last year a huge hail and wind storm came through and ripped that big tree out and threw it over the fence and left our yard looking like this…..

So our ugly looking yard was now horribly scary ugly and worse the hail also damaged our roof and garage doors.

The front of our house looked like a scene out of a scary movie. Every time I would come home and see it I would cringe. When people came over I was so embarrassed and wished we could just blindfold them until they were inside!

But FINALLY now after months of hard work and planning the front of our house is beautiful! When I get home and pull up I sometimes forget its my house because it seriously looks sooooo different!

Whew! This took soooo much work, just about every free moment we had for the past 2 months! My favorite part is the new garage windows. The plastic covers were totally destroyed in the storm and we could not find anyone to replace them for us! Apparently the covers for the windows are not made anymore so we would have had to replace the whole top panel, costing over $550! Dumb! Instead my genius husband bought a huge sheet of thick plastic at Home Depot for $20 and we cut them out ourselves and had them painted. I love being able to do something ourselves and saving tons of money!

Now that the work is all done we can finally sit back and enjoy our yard, right??? Nope,being the stupid remodeling junkies that we are, we have just moved on to the next project! What will we ever do once our house is completely done???

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  1. Colleen LeMasters permalink
    March 25, 2011 2:01 pm

    Hi Aubrey and Kevin! I hadn’t seen the “before house”, but the “after house” sure looks wonderful! Hard work prevails kids! Nicole has always said your home was real nice and it is!
    Talked to your mom yesterday Aubrey. We’re hoping to get together with you and Nicole again soon! Next time you talk to my kid see what you can work out.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

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